Valiant CEO: Top 20 businesses to watch in 2024

JustFix are featured as one of the Top 20 businesses to watch in 2024

"...JustFix is a platform that seamlessly transforms the process of booking urgent home repairs into a swift and intuitive experience, comparable to ordering a taxi or takeout. Their mobile app boasts a visually appealing interface, guiding customers through bookings in under 30 seconds, coupled with lightning-fast updates and real-time tracking, positioning JustFix as the go-to solution for urgent home maintenance needs.

In 2023, the company expanded its services nationwide, fortifying its team with experienced professionals. CEO Adam Graham anticipates an impressive 2024, focusing on substantial growth and market dominance. Noteworthy milestones from the previous year include the acquisition of two complementary businesses, a significant sales boost, and a nationwide service rollout.

Looking ahead, JustFix has exciting developments, including the launch of a new website, strategic hires to enhance product, tech, and marketing teams, a multi-million-pound fundraising round, and the introduction of additional revenue streams.

Their ambitious plans also involve a national TV campaign set to launch in the autumn, ensuring that 2024 will be a year of innovation, expansion, and brand prominence for JustFix, solidly earning them a place on the Valiant CEO 2024 top 20 list..."


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