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What is the difference between JustFix and comparison websites?
JustFix is not a comparison site. We are a rapid network of trusted fixers, focused on providing the fastest solution to home maintenance issues. Unlike comparison websites, we match you with our proven tradespeople, manage the booking and organise the fix. Our UK based customer service team are on hand at all times to answer any questions and ensure things goes as smoothly as possible. Plus all the work is guaranteed by us.

No fuss - no hassle... JustFix
How much do you charge?
All our work is priced per hour with a simple, transparent rate for each service made clear up front. The minimum cost is one hour and, if the work takes longer than that, we charge in half hour increments after this point. 
How does it work?

We are building a community with an ever growing supply of vetted, trustworthy Fixers who you can book directly via our fast, intuitive platform.

We aim to provide the most streamlined and transparent way for you to book trusted people in your local area; connecting you to Fixers in the local community whilst adding a layer of trust, convenience and customer service whilst getting you to the solution as fast as possible. Just Fix specialises in quick response jobs and our ever growing team of Fixers are ready to respond to you.

How do I book a Fixer?
You simply go to the website (link) and follow our simple four step process.
  • Pick a service
  • Tell us where you are.
  • Tell us when you want to arrive 
  • Book!
Can I introduce a friend to Just Fix?
Yes please do, click here to introduce friends to Just Fix.
As a thank you for sharing the word, we can offer rewards based on the number of people you successfully introduce.
Can I recommend a Fixer?

Yes please do. We are always looking for trusted new Fixers to join the gang. Click here to introduce your favourite tradespeople. We can offer yet more rewards to say thank you for helping build the community.

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