Disruptive Fast-Fix Business Delivers Trusted Trades in Real-Time

Latest coverage from iTech Post, February 2022.

Just Fix founder Adam Graham has identified urgent home repairs as an industry ripe for disruption, with customers desperate for a fast, intuitive solution.

Adam Graham is a London-based entrepreneur who has built several successful companies in the technology and marketing sectors. He brings all this experience to his latest venture, Just Fix: a hyper-local, real-time service providing the fastest and most trusted solutions for fixing urgent home maintenance needs.

Launching in Q2 this year, Just Fix is a disruptive, sustainable and highly scalable business with big plans for 2022, confident of strong demand in Q3, Q4 and beyond. They recognise that our home is our sanctuary, and when things go wrong, they need fixing urgently. Up until now, it has taken too much time to find reputable, trusted tradespeople - meaning a long, drawn-out and stressful situation for customers.

Established companies currently operating in the mammoth £282bn home repairs market have consistently compounded this customer stress with clunky and complicated user experiences - and with still no guarantee of a tradesperson at the end of them to fix urgent jobs quickly. 

Across mobile-first apps, online and native, Just Fix is shaking things up and getting rid of all the faff and fuss. Just Fix gets the job done - and fast - by connecting homeowners, tenants and landlords to trusted tradespeople available in their area in real-time.

The fast "Just Fix" user journey is simplicity itself. It's a case of search, book, track and pay. This no-waiting solution, means less stress, thanks to a real-time selection of fixers in customers' local areas using geo-location and real-time tracking of the fixer's progress to the job.

Specialising in urgent home repair jobs, Just Fix's easy-to-use tech connects customers to fixers by location, showing progress towards the property in real-time.

 This is how the fast and intuitive Just Fix booking process works:

  •  The customer taps on the map and describes the problem using helpful icons. 
  •  The customer then requests a fixer with a single tap or click.
  •  The customer receives confirmation that a fixer is on the way, with fixer review data  included and options to change bookings. 
  •  The fixer arrives and completes the job.
  •  The customer also has the option to create an account, manage future jobs and be prepared for home maintenance emergencies at all times.

Just Fix's business model focuses on customer reassurance by providing the least frustrating way of dealing with urgent home repairs, thanks to this stress-free user experience. It takes customers to a booking in just 30 seconds, with its in-built process, language and design geared towards reducing anxiety.

This ground-breaking approach to fast home repairs is driven by behavioural science and informed by a focus on mindfulness. In so doing, a key element of the Just Fix ethos is a determination to make a positive contribution to mental health.

Helping Just Fix spearhead this future-friendly, insight-led, reinvention of the end-to-end user experience is Pete Trainor, board member of meditation and mindfulness app Headspace and former CEO of Vala Health, who has joined the company's advisory board. We have all experienced how stressful it can be when things suddenly go wrong around the house. The simple Just Fix booking process eliminates this rush of anxiety. 

Video-trained Just Fix operators are also on hand to help customers take immediate steps to alleviate the repair problem in the short term, assured in the knowledge that the trusted tradesperson is on their way.

The positive impacts of the fast and efficient Just Fix user experience from a mindfulness perspective are three-fold: 

  • The customer may at first feel stressed about the urgent need to get something fixed at home. 
  • They tap on Just Fix, follow the few simple steps, and feel hopeful and relieved that someone is on the way.
  • They will subsequently feel great about solving the problem in next to no time and pleased in the knowledge they are prepared for the next time something needs urgently fixing at home.

Just Fix customers also benefit from fixer and user ratings and can check who their friends recommend using Facebook Connect. Their novel approach provides a transparent, two-sided market by connecting customers, such as homeowners, tenants and landlords to local fixers (including plumbers, carpenters and locksmiths). Just Fix is at the heart of supporting local communities, with a fair value equation for all. 

All fixers are background checked and fully qualified to make sure each is suitable, ensuring extra peace of mind for customers. Fixers also benefit from no up-front costs and a fair commission scheme. A guarantee of quality work is also part of the deal for Just Fix customers, with each job covered by a 12-month warranty whenever a problem does occur, the tradesperson will correct it quickly and without any fuss and at no expense to the customer.

Just Fix is determined to be an ethical business that is carbon-neutral and climate-positive from day one. It is committed to attaining B Corp status, a global benchmark for inclusive, equitable and regenerative economies. 

Just Fix is equally committed in the future to giving something vital back to communities, with employment opportunities and training for school leavers.


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