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Book a trusted Bristol electrician online in minutes.

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Booking an electrician is quicker than making a cuppa
Relax knowing all work is guaranteed for 12 months
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User-reviewed, trusted tradespeople working nationwide
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How JustFix Works

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Finding an electrician in Bristol just got a whole lot easier!

Don’t spend all day on the dog and bone, calling one sparky after another.

With JustFix, you can find and book an accredited Bristol electrician in minutes for just £105 p/h.

No, seriously…it’s just that simple.

What jobs can our electricians do?

When the lights go out, and you’re in the dark, who you gonna call? An electrician! Sparkies know their way around blown fuses and transformers, but they’re also who you need for…
Book a local electrician for…
  • Emergency electrical work
  • Installing & maintaining wiring
  • Fitting new lighting systems
  • Electrical planning & surveys
  • Repairing electrical parts in machines
  • Performing EICRs & PAT tests
  • Installing chargers for electric vehicles
  • Repairing or replacing extractor fans
  • Rewiring homes & businesses
  • Upgrading appliances
  • Inspecting electrical equipment
  • Diagnosing electrical faults
  • Installing sockets & switches
  • Replacing fuse boxes
  • Installing or repairing outdoor garden lights
  • Installing or repairing light fittings

Find. Book.JustFix.

Bristol's a big, busy place…but we’ve got Fixers all over the shop. Whenever and wherever you need an electrician, our team is there to help.

With JustFix, you can find and book an accredited electrician in minutes for just £105 p/h.

Best of all, all our work is guaranteed for 12 months.

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Getting an electrician just got a whole lot easier!

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  • work guaranteed for 12 months

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The JustFix Promise

Life can be messy and stressful, but finding a trusted, qualified electrician doesn’t have to be.

At JustFix, we’re on a mission to connect you with the professionals you need whenever and wherever you need them. We don’t overcharge or underperform; we just get things fixed so you can get back to the things that matter.

Better yet, all JustFix work comes with a 12-month guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing that whatever we fix will stay that way.

All JustFix services.

We’ll take the stress out of finding the right tradesperson for your job.
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • 30 mins response time
  • Vetted Tradespeople only
Electrical-24X24 Electrical
Our certified electricians are qualified specialists for diverse work in various locations.
Plumbing-24X24 Plumbing
Our vetted plumbers offer a variety of services beyond emergencies.
Locksmith-24X24 Locksmith
Easily find a local locksmith matched for prompt arrival.
Glazing-Teal Glazing
From steamed up double glazing to broken windows or temporary boarding.
Carpentry-Teal Carpentry
We’ll connect you with a qualified, local carpenter in moments.
Handy Person-Teal Handy Person
Access vetted handymen and women with guaranteed skills for a year.
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We can connect you with one of our qualified gas appliance servicers in seconds.
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Stay warm with our Gas Safe registered Fixers for effective boiler maintenance.
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Qualified roofer on JustFix for speedy resolution of roof issues or leaks.
Drains-Teal Drains
Connect with a qualified drain unblocking service in moments.
White Goods-Teal White Goods
Certified servicers for white goods, ensuring everything runs perfectly.
SomethingElse-Teal Something Else
Need something else? If it's not listed, we handle a variety of trades.

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How much do your electricians charge per hour?
Our team of registered electricians charge flat hourly rates of £105, meaning you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying per hour of their time at the point of booking. If your Fixer needs to purchase replacement parts to complete a job, your final bill may be a little higher, but they won’t buy anything without consulting with you first.
What areas of Bristol do your electricians serve?

Our registered electricians serve all areas of Bristol.

Find electricians in…

Westbury on Trym

Do I need an electrician to change light fittings?

Yes, we’d always recommend using a qualified electrician when installing light fittings in your home or office space. Light fittings aren’t the same as light bulbs - the fittings are the components that are wired directly into the main electrical circuit, and the bulbs are the bits that screw or plug into this. You can change a light bulb on your own (although we can’t promise how many people it’ll take…), but you should always hire a professional when changing any fittings or fixtures.

Are emergency electricians more expensive?

If you have an electrical emergency, you’ll need to get it repaired immediately to avoid lasting damage to your property. Due to the unpredictable nature of emergencies, you may find that you need an electrician in the middle of the night or at a moment’s notice. Working these unsociable hours can mean that emergency electricians charge higher hourly rates than those working standard hours.

Do you guarantee your electricians’ work?
Yes, whether they operate in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester or Milton Keynes, all work carried out by our Fixers is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of completion.
Do your electricians supply their own materials?

Depending on the work, your electrician may supply some small parts (fuses or lengths of wire) within the cost of their visit. For installations or repairs, you may need more materials, which would be chargeable. Our electricians will always use the latest professional equipment, ensuring both your and their safety, and are qualified to carry out projects at residential or commercial properties.

What hours do your electricians work?
Most of our electricians are available during normal business hours, from 9am to 5pm (don’t tell us you’re not singing Dolly Parton right now), but the JustFix platform will connect you with a local electrician whenever you need one. This includes emergency call-out services on weekends, Bank Holidays and out-of-hours.
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