Home repairs trailblazers JustFix launch to the public

JustFix announce their public beta in London Daily News

Autumn and winter are rustling fast into view, and with the cost-of-living crisis the only topic in town, people across the UK are hoping nothing goes bang around the house, adding to already exorbitant energy bills.

With this in mind, you might well be vexed about those home repair emergencies – real and potential – that need to be sorted…and sorted straight away. If that’s the case, you’ll probably know through bitter experience how hard it can be to find the right tradesperson at the right time. A new app-first home repairs business, JustFix has come up with, well a fix, for such bothersome household scenarios.

JustFix is emerging fast this year to administer a much-needed lick of paint to the home repairs industry in its role as a genuine disruptor in what is far too often a static and frustrating sector. When you simply want to stop an annoying tap from leaking or get the boiler working, JustFix is the solution.

JustFix has been putting London Daily News in on the picture regarding their innovative and intuitive new platformjustfix.app, which aims to take the stress and anxiety out of the rigmarole of finding reliable local tradespeople – and fast.

JustFix’s ever-growing team of professional ‘fixers’ encompasses every trade you may need around the home: from plumbers to gas engineers, locksmiths to electricians, roofers, decorators, drainage specialists, carpenters, and white goods repair people.

The JustFix concept matches customers with known and proven tradespeople, sorting out the booking and organising the fix when you need them urgently. And in so doing they aim to provide “the fastest, most trusted solutions to home maintenance needs.

Underpinning their pledge to consumers is JustFix’s lightning-fast app. It works in the simplest three-step process – “You Book, We Match, We Fix” – which, with the help of geospatial technology, takes customers to a booking in around 30 seconds. With this tech in place, JustFix promises to connect homeowners, tenants, and landlords with trusted tradespeople available in real-time in their area, so people can get the fastest professional local fixer to their door to sort out urgent home repair needs.

It is beautifully simple and effective as a concept. And JustFix’s lightbulb moment made real is the brainchild of Adam Graham, an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the digital and marketing worlds. Adam started his entrepreneurial journey with iChoose Radio, the first music on-demand radio station, and was the CEO of RYVL until 2019, a Nasdaq-listed marketing company with operations in 12 countries.

Adam brings us bang-up to date with the JustFix business rollout which has been simmering away all summer. “We have been in private beta mode with JustFix for the past three months,” he explains. “We have been taking bookings from customers throughout June, July, and August, and we’re really pleased that the feedback has been universally positive. Now with our first phase fully underway, JustFix is live and publicly available.”

JustFix is focused, in the first instance, on Essex and East London, with the next phase spreading out across the rest of London before expanding to the whole of the UK and beyond. With these expansion plans expected to gather pace fast, the business is encouraging future customers to register here to stay ahead of the game and be notified when the service comes to their area.

This early consumer confidence in JustFix’s unique business model is well-founded – and well-funded – borne out of a successful pre-seed funding round of £523k which included a 195% overfunded crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. But this is just the start of JustFix’s journey, and the business is actively looking to meet additional new investors and partners keen to share their faith in this disruptor of the urgent home maintenance market.

Operating their easy-to-use, app-first booking system along the lines of a managed marketplace – think Uber, except for urgent home repairs – the JustFix ethos centres on high levels of reassurance and transparency for both customers and the tradespeople doing the jobs, thanks to its fast, stress-free user experience.

Adam says: “We believe current aggregator solutions are slow, opaque, and frustrating for customers and suppliers alike. JustFix aims to disrupt this market and provide an intuitive and super-fast way of connecting customers to local, self-employed tradespeople in their immediate area. Every JustFix job is also guaranteed for 12 months, at no extra cost to the customer.”

“People are already used to using Uber to order a taxi, or Deliveroo to order a takeaway. We transferred this approach to the home maintenance space, and we believe this is a recession-proof sector. We have a huge focus on keeping the process super slick and stress-free,” he adds. “And as our public launch gathers pace, we will be regularly adding new features to further improve this innovative approach to common household needs.”

Source: https://www.londondaily.news/home-repairs-trailblazers-justfix-launch-to-the-public/

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